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हमारी तरफ से दी जाने वाली सेवाएँ

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is now available for everyone who has the same passion for learning, and YouTube has made it easy today, but YouTube is a bottomless ocean with all kinds of videos including educational content for the English language.


has very valuable educational content for the English language, but this content is lost amid a huge amount of ineffective content.

Our goal

is to provide easy access to the valuable content available on YouTube for learning English for those interested.

Our service

is an index (it is a very easy roadmap) which will make the search process easier for you to reach only the best English courses available on YouTube just by making a few clicks on our index.

हमारी तरफ से दी जाने वाली सेवाएँ

अधिक पढ़ें

Our Index
(Our Road-map)





35 Topics

The benefit of our index
(our Road-map)

The road-map is an outcome of more than 1000 hours of hard work. It was not created by sitting overnight on the internet.

Proper Guidance

You will be guided to a few of the best English courses on YouTube and avoid the less-value ones (our index contains 4,700 hours).

Quick Access to topics

You will get very quick access to any topic you want very easily, just within a few clicks (our index contains 35 topics & 16,600 videos).

Road-map for lifetime

These 4,700 hours will not be lost from you anymore because they are well-indexed and will always be available for all members.

Save Time

It will save your time because you don’t need to do the search anymore, you just make a few clicks on the index.

Lifetime Access

You will get long-time access to all 4,700 hours.

Family cover

Anyone from your family can use your membership to access the index to start learning free of cost.


Daniyal Shaikh

The index is very diverse and the content is very rich in advanced words and sentences in the English language. I don’t get bored learning through it and I don't get lost in the crowd of YouTube videos all because of the organized index.

Ravina Mehta

It is true that everything is available on YouTube, but the indexing made it easier for me to reach the best that is available on YouTube, and now I do not need to search for this good content every time, I just use the index and reach anything I want easily.

Aditya Kumar

The idea of the website is really excellent and I benefited a lot from the website and learned a lot through it, as well as all my family members. The website’s fee is almost free compared to the benefit we got.

Parth Patel

The site is beautiful and tidy, and the index is very useful for reaching the best teachers on the YouTube platform, and the idea of indexing is wonderful, easy and very creative.

Musa Pathan

I have studied in several private classes and on several sites, but I find that the content of this site is more useful and more abundant than any other source through which I have used. Here I have learned listening, speaking skills and imitating American and British accents.

Bhavana Shah

I use YouTube to learn English and there is a lot of valuable content, but I always lose this content because of the huge content available on YouTube, but this website helped me a lot to collect the best content in one place and in order.

Bessy Alexander

Through this site, I got acquainted with the most creative teachers at teaching English in creative ways, and I do not need to search for their content again because everything is available here through the valuable and simple-to-use indexing service.



6000/- Now (% 78 off)

₹ 1299/-

Only ₹ 54/- per month

  • 2 Year Access
  • 5 devices
  • 35 topics
  • 4,700 study hours
  • 16,667 downloadable videos
  • 75 expert tutors
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  • 1 Yes, it is free, but we have been doing search on YouTube for more than 1,000 hours to get you the best out of it and to make the index.
  • 2 We have extracted and filtered out 4,700 hours from more than 50,000 hours available on YouTube.
  • 3 We have extracted and filtered out 16,600 videos for you from more than 200,000 videos available on YouTube.
  • 4 We have arranged these 16,600 videos for you in an organized manner and divided them into 35 topics which are very easy to reach out.
  • 5 If you do the search to get what we are guiding you through, then you will need a lot of time, and you will have to do a lot of searches (a waste of your time).
  • 6 Our 4,700 hours are very well-indexed on our website which you can use anytime.
  • 7 Just a few clicks on our index then very simply and quickly you will be reaching any topic and any video without doing the search process.
  • 8 This index will be available for you every time and from anywhere.
  • 1 Not at all, we are not selling or charging for YouTube videos because they are free for everyone, and you can access to any videos on YouTube by yourself, you don’t need anyone’s help to use YouTube videos.
  • 2 But we did a long research and put a lot of effort into it (we spent more 1,000 hours) to find you the best content which were around 16,600 videos (more than 4,700 hours) sorted in very well order.
  • 3 All videos are embedded videos, and these videos open and play in the original channels (not in our website) but only in our website interface as pop-up window.
  • 4 we are not changing for the videos but for the efforts we have put to create our index (we charge for our Road-map that made English learning easy for you)
  • 5 We have indexed these 16,600 videos in a manner that make learning easier and all these 16,600 videos are organized and classified into 35 topics.
  • 6 Once you pay then you will get membership to access our index and start using it.
  • 7 So, you will pay for the index (for the road-map we have made) if you find this index is beneficial for you.
  • 8 The index will help you to learn and improve your English language very effectively if you have the eager to study and learn.
  • 1 You will get our service (it is a road-map) which will guide you to the most valuable 4,700 hours to learn the English language from YouTube (in 35 topics & 16,600 videos).
  • 2 The content we have will surely help you to develop your English skills and master your English language to a higher level if you put a little effort in it.
  • 3 You will gain the American and British accents through imitation.
  • 4 You will gain listening skills for the American and British accents.
  • 5 Anyone of your family members can benefit from the index for free of cost.
  • 6 You will get long-time access to this service hence to 4,700 hours of English learning at a very low cost.
  • 1 Yes, it is very safe and payment will be through the Razorpay company, which is a very well-known and trusted Payment Gateway.
  • 1 Click on membership.
  • 2 Choose the plan you like.
  • 3 Fill up the checkout page form.
  • 4 Choose the suitable payment option then pay .
  • 5 Now you have user name and password.
  • 6 Click on sign in then write your user &password and click on sign in.
  • 7 You became a member and start using the full index.

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